Inmarsat the world leading supplier of satellite and geospatial services are supporting Point4 with equipment, airtime, and technical support to fully operationalise the Point4 RiMiT vegetation risk management solution.


Point4 has developed a unique predictive vegetation risk management service, based on LiDAR and satellite data. Its solution is designed to eliminate unplanned outages in power transmission, potentially saving utility and service companies significant budgetary sums and help provide a better service to end users.

An integral added value to the Point4 solution is real time update of field information, which, with the assistance of Inmarsat will be cost effectively transmitted from the field in real time to update the Point4 RiMiT server giving essential safety risk and monetary risk information to both management and contractors.

Using a least cost approach to transmission Point4 offers and economic, fully auditable, fully compliant vegetation risk management, bringing major efficiencies to continuity of power supply, health and safety, budgetary control and a reduction in carbon emissions.

The technical assistance and knowledge given by Inmarsat to Point4, a seed risk innovation company, has been invaluable and demonstrates both the benevolence and power of innovation support.

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